Tiny Dots on an endless timeline

Howdy I'm Grace, /17/ Weirdo/

Just some angry teenage loser with shit taste in everything..

Music, lazy days in bed and photography are my saviors..

Supernatural/Breaking Bad are perf

☮ piercings☮ ✝tattoos✝

(ô‿ô) hope you enjoy my Blog! ◠‿◠

V for Vendetta is a fucking brilliant film man, ahh just watched it twice!

” I, like God, do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidence. “

Remember when you were sitting on those massive benches in assembly in Year 6, looking at all the other years like’started from Reception now we’re here’

I hated p.e not only because I was lazy and cbf with it but because we had those blue mats that were supposedly cushions to prevent us from getting hurt yet if you fell on one it fell like falling on a slab of concrete naked ffs

person: Zack Merrick isn’t attractive

me: HAAaaaaaa! next you’ll be telling me jalex isn’t real

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