Tiny Dots on an endless timeline

Howdy I'm Grace, /17/ Weirdo/

Just some angry teenage loser with shit taste in everything..

Music, lazy days in bed and photography are my saviors..

Supernatural/Breaking Bad are perf

☮ piercings☮ ✝tattoos✝

(ô‿ô) hope you enjoy my Blog! ◠‿◠


see that girl you just called a bitch? she didn’t hear you say it louder

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If you don’t think my shirt is fucking awesome pls leave

(( lol not really I have no frends pls don’t leave ily ))

yourekellinit asked: Luke and Patty are great


omfg I ship them so bad ffs (is that weird? thats pretty weird I guess..) aha :3 they’re just perf

Yay guess who can’t sleep so has decided on watching lukeisnotsexy and patty walters videos that I have most probably seen already whilst drinking tea.. whooo


HOW TO BE POP PUNK (x) and A Song About A Girl (x)

this is a song about a girl (x)

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